Top 9 Most Underrated Items in Dota

08.10.2019 22:09

Top 9 Most Underrated Items in Dota

In this blog I gonna show you the key to victory and broaden your knowledge about items in Dota 2. It will be easier for you to win with this information. Today I will cover the most underrated items in Dota 2. I feel these items should be used more times in pubs, but they are forgotten without any reason. However, some of them are still popular with PRO players. Today we will not only mention the most underrated items, but we will talk about the value of mentioned items and their benefits on each stage of the game. I have prepared the list of Top 9 most underrated items in Dota 2 and I hope you will take into account my opinion in order to win with these items.

Medallion of Courage – minus 6 armor for 1000 gold


Once one of the most popular items in Dota Allstars had lost its popularity in Dota 2 and I don’t know why. The effect of armor reduction of the item This is the equivalent to Desolator, Corrosive Haze, Wave of Terror etc. But it costs only 1000 gold, can be upgraded to a Solar which is also very effective artefact. Players usually underestimate 6 armor reductions effect but what if I tell you that minus 6 armor can give you 25% extra physical damage in early game on most heroes. In my opinion, this item is very strong in early and even mid game. It works especially well on such heroes as clinkz, weaver, ogre magi (yes this guy hits hard), visage, dazzle, bounty hunter. Next time you play any of those heroes try to buy it and I am sure you will like how enemy supports melting from your damage. For 1000 of gold you can increase your or allies damage in large numbers. Don’t forget about passive bonuses of the item: +6 armor and +0,75 mana regeneration.

Heaven’s Halberd – make Sven cry 

I noticed that on low rates players like to fight a lot without thinking too much about the strategy. They just pick simple heroes with huge physical damage, like Ursa, Sven, Troll, Phantom Assassin. Those hard carries have one weakness you should always remember – they can only hit you with physical damage. There is one item in DotA 2 that can fully stop those physical damage dealers. I give you simple calculation. Item which costs 3450 gold can disarm the enemy with 30k networth for 3 seconds in late game. Just imagine you being a support and Slark tries to kill you or your teammate and suddenly Slark can’t hit and steal agility, he must use his ult earlier and fight turned out in your favor just because of 1 item. Powerful? Moreover, this item is more effective against carries with range attack, for example Terroblade, Windranger, Medusa, Drow Ranger, it gives 5 seconds of disarm. I don’t even mention its strong passive bonuses: +25% evasion, +25 damage, + 20 Strength. It gives very good effective HP to strength heroes as it gives both HP and evasion. This item is amazing on both supports and cores. I personally like to build that item on such heroes as kunka, legion commander and huskar.

Infused Raindrops – stay alive on midlane

This is «must have» item on the lane against heroes with magic damage, especially for midlaner. Raindrops will save your life from Lina’s or QoP’s magical procast or in case of unexpected gank. Many people don’t want to buy it  because they think it’s a waste of money. Look, Tango costs 90 gold and can regenerate 336hp (7hp x 16 seconds x 3 tango). Raindrops can block 600 magic damage instantly and cost 225 gold. They have equal price, but raindrops can save you from gank and gives you passive +0,75 mana regeneration. Don’t be silly, use this valuable item! You should also remember that you can build Urn of Shadows from raindrops and you need only 1 charge of it, so make sure you use 4 charges and then keep the last one for upgrade. I recommend this item especially for heroes with high armor and low HP – terrorblade, naga siren, storm, sniper, weaver.

Ghost Scepter – the best choice against physical damage

You are suffering from instant physical damage – why you haven’t still bought Ghost Scepter? Really, buy this «second life» even if you are carry. For 1500 gold you get +5 to all attributes (for example +10 attributes from Ultimate Orb cost 2150 gold without any abilities) and the ability to get out of physical damage focus. Moreover, you can upgrade it to Etheral Blade and save your allies with Ether Blast. Don’t forget that you can dodge the damage from physical spells, like Stifling Dagger(Phantom Assassin) or Unstable Concoction(Alchemist). If you are carry, you still get bonuses: +40 agility, +10 strength and intelligence. 1500 is too low price for such a huge range of opportunities. I advise to buy it if you play against Sven, Ursa, Troll, Phantom Assassin, Void.

Vladmir’s offering – push faster 

This item is integral to pushing strategy. If you are supporting 2-3 carries with physical damage, increase their power in fight and buy this item. In addition, you will farm faster with it. You won’t name me any item with 4 bonuses for 1950 gold, really. If you are not so easy-focused target in the fight, you need to buy this item and boost your allies.

Veil of Discord – boost the team magical damage

For 2050 you get armor, hp regeneration, 3 main attributes bonus and the ability to increase the magical damage of you and your team by 25%, cool? If you are Zeus only with magic damage – you need this item. Also this item will be useful if you have a lot of magic damage in your team. I’m confident that it’s very cheap for 2050 gold boost your team’s magical damage for 25%. Some strategies are built around this item.

Aether Lens – cast spells from your base

This is a too strong item for supports with targeted spells. For 2350 you get +450 mana, +3 mana regeneration and ability to cast spells with +250 range. You solve two problems for one price: mana problems disappear and you can be useful from a huge range and probably won’t be killed. Just pay attention, all PRO players on position 4, picking Shadow Demon, Shadow Shaman, Rubick etc buy this item. I guess we can rely on their choice.

Solar Crest – your carry needs damage and attack speed

The updated version of Medallion of Courage costs 3975 gold. This item is popular with PRO players, but underrated in low rank pubs. 10 armor, 80 attack speed and 10% movement speed – all attributes that needs your carry. If you are playing on position 3 or 4, you need to buy this item for your physical damage carry. I can say that if you have already bought medallion of courage, you should collect 2950 gold and upgrade it to Solar Crest. Void with Chronosphere or Sniper on the long distance with Solar bonuses will win the game for you.

Crimson Guard – stop pushing strategy

This is the ad hoc item and some people don’t understand when they need to buy it. Just remember few things: this item can save you from pushing strategy and physical damage. Firstly, Vanguard is a good item for position 3, if you picked Bristleback, Dark Seer, Centaur. Secondly, you can upgrade primarily Vanguard in order to save your towers from the pushing strategy. If you don’t play against pushing strategy, you can upgrade Vanguard later.

Just remember that you can break the pushing strategy for 3700 gold and then win the late game!


Lack of practice and understanding of Dota 2 generates these surprising loss streaks. I recommend you to read once again properly this article and pay attention to these important items. This is a big problem for the player if he values only such attributes as «damage» and «attack speed». You need to understand all the mechanics of Dota 2 and be flexible in each game, turn on your brain!

In the next part I will discuss the value of early game items such as Bracer, Wraith Band, Magic Stick etc. Put likes if you like such topics. Keep reading and become stronger with us!